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If your company is exhibiting at a trade show, then there are specific items needed to populate your booth. The most important element is the booth pop-up display. It is usually 8'-10' wide and 8' high. It is the centerpiece, so esthetics play a major role in having passers by stop and engage your crew in a conversation that leads to a sale or lead.

Imaging Zone is a dealer for most major booth manufacturers and is capable to provide you with a booth without delays and of superb quality. If you have the hardware and would like the panels replaced, Imaging Zone images, laminates, and finishes all of its panels at our facility.

Other components of the trade show booth include: table runner/skirt, podium graphic, literature racks, printed material, CDs and DVDs, and retractable display units. Imaging Zone is more than capable of producing all of your trade show components.